Mike And Roxann Dempsey

This Website Is Dedicated To The Memory Of My Beautiful Wife Roxann Dempsey, Who Passed Away December 4, 2015.

Roxann-- You Are So Very Loved And So Very Missed.

  Michael Dempsey was born in Silver Spring Maryland in 1959 and spent 33 years as a railroad engineer for Amtrak, operating Amtrak’s Elite high speed Acella train between Washington and New York city. Although Michael’s career often held him back from playing live music, he was known on the railroad for carrying his guitar everywhere he went. Michael has been involved in various studio projects and radio commercials and was guitarist for Uncle Nasty and Delmarva Groove Kings. Since retiring from the railroad, Michael has decided to dedicate his time to his music.

Michael is available for studio sessions, lessons, and small plumbing repairs. Contact LentzMediaManagement.
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